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Platform Integration
Platform Integration


We have put together some sample websites, each of which integrates our SiteSync Platform for viewing, querying, and analyzing geographic data. The websites are for demo purposes only and are intended to be viewed as plausible organizations.

Our SiteSync Platform can easily be customized for your website. Contact us if you have any questions regarding how we can help showcase your data in a more intuitive way.

When you sign up for Platform Integration, you gain access to your own online administration page. In this page, you decide what your customers see; Choose a skin, barebones view, or fully functional. Our TrollComm demo is set up for Viewing Only. To see a fully functional demo, check out the Croft Enterprises site.

The following demo sites can each be accessed through our website using a regular browser.


BlueStar Communications

TrollComm and BlueStar are two versions of a telecommunications company. They offer services to two types of customers: residential, using cell phones and handheld devices, and corporations within the telecom industry, requiring collocation and the company's microwave and fiber optics networks.

Croft Enterprises

Croft Enterprises is a geocaching organization. They use our SiteSync Platform to organize their geocache location data. Members and geocachers use the mapping interface to find locations and specific information regarding various sites.

Quality Package Delivery

Quality Package Delivery is a parcel delivery company with a large number of trucks on the road. Customers and employees use the SiteSync Platform to view their truck's trip in real-time! Truck tracking is implemented via GPS, and detailed truck information is easily accessible in the interface.