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Microwave Engineering Services
Microwave Engineering Services


Our microwave services include gathering and validating site data, online searching for available operating frequencies, performing keyhole and interference analysis, generating detailed terrain profiles and completing path link-budgets. We also provide full path protection services and complete microwave back haul engineering.

Microwave Path Design

Our microwave design packages go from Site Selection to Capacity Analysis and conclude with a full Link Budget Analysis. If you are just looking for a preliminary path profile or designing a multi-node backhaul our team is capable.

Frequency Coordination

As FCC Registered Microwave Coordinators, we check, verify and confirm frequency availability with existing microwave operators filed, applied, or planned to transmit within a desired frequency. We then send out Prior Coordination Notification (PCN) letters to operators within the effected frequency range and geography to minimize potential interference within a proposed microwave path. We can then file the path using our FCC filing services.

Site Selection

Our engineers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to assist you in the site selection process for any Radio Frequency broadcast need. Your equipment may utilize a new freestanding tower; a building unit or it might be co-located on an existing tower. We can help analyze the cost-efficiencies for each possible location plus synchronize with internal departments and outside regulatory groups (construction, site acquisition, regulatory, engineering, tower owners or land owners) to insure a cost effective implementation.

Wind Turbine Interference

We help coordinate site location for your wind turbine. Given a land parcel, area, or coordinates, we will find the best location for your wind turbine when it comes to microwave interference. We search all microwave paths in the area, and calculate any interfering paths. If your current location does interfere, we will suggest nearby locations that will comply with interference guidelines. Not only do we search currently "on-air" microwave paths, but pending paths as well, thereby 'future-proofing' your wind turbine. We provide presentation quality slideshows, and documentation to back up all of our findings. We also provide a KML file which can be loaded into Google Earth, allowing you to get a 3D view of your site, and any nearby microwave paths.

For more on what we can deliver, take a look at this Sample Package (PDF link). We can, of course, customize your presentation in any way you'd like.