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FAA / FCC Filing
FAA / FCC Filing


We offer full FCC and FAA filing services, which includes researching, processing, real-time online tracking, and overseeing each filing from conception to completion.

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FAA Filing

Our FAA service includes the initial airspace study used for gathering risk factors and filing requirements, completing and submitting the FAA filing form, attaching any required maps, plus tracking and updating the progress of your FAA filing through SiteSync. We can also provide RF engineering analysis for each filing, if needed. Our FCC services include researching, processing and overseeing the entire filing process, including generating Carey contours and completing additional engineering analysis when needed.

Within 3 days of submitting your FAA Request, you receive an email with a link to your pdf files. The pdf files include: Opinion Letter, Topographical Map, Aerial Map, NAD Conversion and IFR Computation. If necessary, glide slopes maps, AM Map, Aeronautical Map and IFR Map are also included.

Opinion Letters

Using your 2-C Surveyed location, we perform an Airspace analysis, which examines your location with respect to any nearby public or private airports and their associated terminal procedures. This analysis also looks at nearby AM stations that may be affected by the new tower. The opinion letter gives the applicant an overview on the viability of the geographic location, and height with respect to FAA standards.

DOT Process

In about one quarter of the United States, it is required that a location’s FAA be filed with that States’ Department of Transportation (DOT). This is so the State DOT can regulate any structure that may interfere with air travel. We take pride in the relationships we have forged with the State DOT offices throughout the country and can assist you in contacting and filing such DOT procedural documents.

FCC Filing

Whether you are filing for Tower Registration, Wireless Construction Requirements, Cellular Un-served Area, or Microwave Paths our years of filing experience shows through. We have studied and created processes to calculate and file in accordance with 47 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR). We are fully capable of performing Population Analysis for five/ten year construction requirements, Carey Contour Generation, and Microwave Interference Analysis to assist you in meeting your FCC Filing needs.