Wireless Applications, Corp.
Platform Integration
GIS Analysis and Mapping


Wireless Applications, Corp. offers a variety of different mapping solutions from simple low-resolution coverage maps to high-end analysis with poster size output. No matter the request, our knowledgeable GIS professionals are up to the task. We offer a multitude of desktop and Internet GIS solutions to assist your teams in the decision process.

Presentation Quality Maps

Stun your audience with full poster-sized analysis map prints. Use smaller prints to pass around the meeting to illustrate key areas and issues. Unlock the visual impact of your data!

GIS / Map Analysis

We have the technology and experience to import, export, analyze and map a multitude of data such as: performance results, drive test data, locations, coverage, frequency ownership, demographic/census, FCC auction results, and terrain in an easy-to-read mapping format. This can be used to check system performance or plan system upgrades and/or expansions. The geographic information can then be either printed on our large-format plotter, exported to spreadsheet / database, or integrated into one of our on-line tools so the data can be shared to others, if needed.

Wireless Portfolio Analysis

We have developed Wireless Portfolio Analysis Services that are unmatched in our industry. Given your Portfolio or a prospect portfolio we can perform a multitude of analysis and queries so companies can gain a better understanding of what they own or perform due-diligence on a prospective acquisition. We have the ability to analyze thousands of locations within a short period to give you both a summary and In-depth per location breakout. Any of our offered SSIR can be added to this analysis.