Wireless Applications, Corp.
XWAC Trouble Ticket Management


Xwac is a powerful call center / customer trouble ticket management tool designed to improve customer service and system troubleshooting. Xwac helps manage customer issues by providing efficient trouble ticket entry and geographical trouble ticket tracking. Xwac also centralizes system coverage, cell site, switch and central office data to provide additional troubleshooting features. Xwac is the ideal tool to manage customer issues, empowering not just your Call Center team but also the rest of your company with the readily available, up-to-date trouble ticket and network status information.


Using Xwac, your Customer Service Representatives can easily enter a Trouble Ticket by locating customers or network issues using address, GPS location, closest landmark, cross street, or the on-screen map. Once the location has been acquired, completing the Trouble Ticket is quick and easy.

Xwac Trouble Tickets / Reporting

View, manage and place real-time Trouble Tickets for your wireless system. With our click and zoom feature you can look up individual Trouble Ticket detail, review Trouble Tickets assigned to a specific problem area and/or display all Trouble Tickets for a selected time period. When a particular Trouble Ticket is accessed, it is displayed in an easy-to-read format that can be custom designed to match your current reports to minimize confusion.

Site Status

View your system's site status and switch domain with Xwac. When switch domain is selected, the user views the sites grouped by switch. When system site status is selected, the mapping display shows overall system status for each site in your network. Results display whether a site is online, down, or maintenance mode. This coupled with the sites history allows efficient troubleshooting of Trouble Tickets.

Xwac RF Coverage

Give your customer service and operations departments the advantage of seeing accurate engineering-based modeling of your system coverage. Coverage mapping produces a clear and accurate picture to help resolve customer coverage issues. Users can quickly identify Trouble Ticket groupings to determine if additional coverage is needed.

Predict Outages

Use the Predicted Outage button to see the effected coverage implications of a site going ’Off Air’. This is also effective in indicating which site could be causing the coverage issues in areas with multiple sites and overlapping coverage.