Wireless Applications, Corp.
The SiteSync Platform


SiteSync gives wireless companies full control of their inventory of structures including FCC, FAA and build out management. Whether you are a carrier or a tower company, SiteSync's intuitive interface offers intelligent menus, full level mapping and complete details in one window. Check filing discrepancies via the slider graph, select a custom portfolio and send to clients or the field, research existing structures, see terrain profiles between points, check build or FAA filing status, competitive analysis and many more system details. SiteSync is the ultimate tool for system-wide database integrity.

Structures - PowerSearch

Looking to colocate on a number of towers? In SiteSync, a multitude of searches can be performed on our industry-encompassing databases to compile a set of ideal colocation sites. PowerSearch empowers the user to query multiple databases at once including FCC, FAA, licensed microwave, and tower companies to look for structures or towers meeting your criteria.

Portfolio Management - OmniSync

OmniSync is a project tracking and management tool designed to help budget, plan, schedule, manage and archive critical project data and deadlines. Often, you may be building a network or a portfolio of sites for colocation. Multiple users inputting data and planning sites can get confusing and lead to the loss or corruption of data. OmniSync is the centralized data warehouse for all of these projects, enabling your team to efficiently work toward project completion.

Location Reports - SSIR

The Site Specific Informational Reports (SSIR) tools have been integrated into The SiteSync Platform thus giving you all the benefits of contacting us and ordering a set of SSIRs while allowing you or your team to perform specific SSIRs on a single location or a group of locations as you deem necessary from within the SiteSync platform. This places the selection, purchase and download of each report at the tips of your fingers.

Spectrum Analysis

Geared heavily towards strategy, presentation and curiosity, this portion of the SiteSync platform allows users the ability to query the complete story. View the total spectrum or the layout of owners from the many Radio Service Types available, including Cellular, PCS, BRS, AWS and 700MHz frequencies. Combine this with our 3rd Party Marketed Coverage of carriers, display FCC Auction Results, add demographic information, zoom to the traffic counts and print the map the meeting.

Microwave Design - eMwave

EMwave is the microwave profile and design piece of The SiteSync Platform. Instantly determine if a microwave path can be achieved between two sites with a detailed path profile showing terrain, tree height, reflection points and Fresnel zones. Once the path is clear, the user can then go further into the design by inputting antenna heights, frequency band, cable loss, equipment type, and rain estimates. A link budget can then get calculated to summarize the path created and coordination searches can be completed to finalize the plans of your point-to-point network.

RF Propagation - eCoverage

Using nationwide high-resolution terrain data and Longley-Rice frequency calculations, we have taken intense RF analysis and embedded it into an easy to use downlink coverage and contour generator called eCoverage. Easily adjust parameters like antenna, azimuth height, frequency, and power to fit your needs. After a quick analysis of coverage, users can export the images out for a full 3D, multi-site view or click on our SSIR report to show a professional layout of coverage, demographics and engineering parameters.

Regulatory FAA / FCC

We have put together an online filing package that contains a professional single page opinion letter with all the FAA airspace impacts, a single link to all outputs via PDFs and a tracking system for all the site details. Depending on the site location, users can expect topography, aerial, aeronautical, IFR, glide slopes and AM impact maps and in addition, all documents for FCC registration, NT, changes, or even site pictures of the area! Users can submit, query, zoom, post updates, check the timeline, or bulk upload all through the SiteSync Platform.

Discrepancies / Compliance

FCC Discrepancies can cost tens of thousands of dollars when your sites are out of compliance, why not monitor your exposure before they do? We have incorporated our experience with field, engineering, regulatory, GIS, FCC and FAA filings into a product that shows both mapping and graphing of the tolerance continuously. Since this is an ongoing process, it is always being updated and can be connected into OmniSync site details or our FAA and FCC filings services. Each tolerance is weighted differently with the greatest push toward red given to those with the heaviest exposure to fines. When discrepancies are discovered, you can easily edit your data or re-file with the FAA or FCC through our Regulatory Filing Services.

3rd Party Data

First American
SiteSync is now integrating First American ParcelPoint® to provide another layer of data to help you make more informed decisions for your business. This new feature allows you to access the most comprehensive national parcel database for the United States. ParcelPoint has parcel boundary, centroid, and APN data for over 100 million parcels.

American Roamer Market Analysis
Knowing who owns what spectrum and how much bandwidth has always been a tough question to answer quickly and accurately. Now, with our extensive Cellular and PCS market analysis tool, those questions can be answered in seconds. Query by Ownership, Technology type, Spectrum and Geographic Location. Data includes the USA, Guam, Puerto Rico and Samoa. View nationwide spectrum of any company or the combined spectrum of any two companies.

American Roamer Marketed Coverage
Gain access to Carrier coverage layering of hundreds of companies nationwide. This information, updated quarterly, allows our users to load and view marketed coverage directly into the SiteSync platform, overlaying ownership, and towers into one very informative tool.