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Colowars is an addicting game like activity, which familiarizes players with the Cellular Industry, Regulatory Requirements and much more. Users look at Tower locations on a site-by-site basis and are rewarded with Credits when they correct the tower locations, heights, assign equipment to existing structures, and perform Quality Control on the work of other users.

Visit it at www.colowars.com.

Wireless Industry Activity

This activity is based on the Wireless Industry. Users begin by verifying site locations and comparing filings with nearby towers. In this strategy game, users progressively become more involved by updating structure locations and gaining territory. When users reach Level 2, they not only gain new structures, but acquire Spectrum and thereby the ability to begin serving a customer base in that area. The more subscribers a user serves, the more credits they gain.

Earn Credits

Credits are earned when users participate in Colowars. The more you play, the more involved the game becomes and the more opportunity you have to earn credits. Credits are not tallied immediately, but rather, when other users verify your work. If you provide the bare minimum of data, you receive the bare minimum number of credits, however if you provide more details about a site, you will be rewarded with more credits. Users have the opportunity to upload Site Specs, Site Images, Equipment Diagrams, Surveys and more. Each of these uploads will be significantly rewarded. Users also have the ability to add equipment on a structure based on available imagery, and will earn extra credits accordingly.

It's Free!!

That’s right FREE! Dabble in Colowars as long as you like. Colowars is available 24/7, and you can earn Credits any time you like. This game is available to anyone who signs up, free of charge.

User Rank

User rank is continuously calculated based upon how long the user has been playing, the number of locations they have updated and the quality of their work.